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Alex Coward – business mentor, wild swimmer, and all-round incredible person who believes in success without sacrifice…putting your life first and learning how your business can be created around your needs.

Alex and I have spoken many times before, and I think I already had an inclination that this was going to be an interview that would span many different topics and could potentially be far more than an hour!

And I was right…we covered so many important topics and when I started editing, I just couldn’t bring myself to cut anything out as there were life lessons in all of it…so for Alex’s interview, I’ve done something a little different. There are 7 sub-episodes for this one! They are short and can be listened to in one go…or split into bite sized sessions as they all cover different topics.

Sub-Episode 0 – Intro!

Sub-Episode 1

In this episode, Alex and I talk about how she left London at the start of lockdown, with an assumption that she would be back soon and setting up her companies new office…like a lot of us during lockdown, Alex chose to locate herself with a loved one and moved up to Yorkshire to be with her boyfriend (now husband)…
What Alex hadn’t realised is the profound positive impact that move would have on her mental health. She discovered wild swimming, which set off a chain of wild clarity moments that started a huge life change for her…this is the start of an incredible few episodes with Alex…I hope you enjoy!

Sub-Episode 2

During this episode we talk about Alex’s decision to create a business that works around her…her desire to have freedom to choose her life, to work around her chronic condition, and to really find that elusive balance that so many struggle to have.

Lockdown was a huge wild clarity moment for Alex…a realisation that she could create something that works for her…and what’s more, she could help others do the same. This sub-episode is full of top tips on how to create the business and life you dream of without the ‘hustle culture’, trusting your own instincts and finding your own way of doing things.

Sub-Episode 3

It’s the book episode!! I am an avid reader and Alex and I often recommend different books to each other…in this episode I share some of my favourite with Alex – one of these even sparked a wild clarity moment for me when I first read it!
All of the books we share are referenced below – if you do read them, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Sub-Episode 4

All about leadership. We talk about the importance of having our own unique styles, and Alex shares what happens when you are ‘persuaded’ to try something that just doesn’t sit within your own authentic way. We also talk about the importance of really getting to know your teams…their aspirations, their preferences, their motivation, their own priorities – not only in work, but outside of work too…there is a lot to be said of a leader who puts their team at the heart of everything they do.
I may also get on my soap box about Change Management…the importance of bringing someone in whose sole focus is the people going through the change…I may have done a lot of editing (cutting down) on this bit, and I expect at some point it will also turn up as a Wild Clarity Wisdom solo episode!

Sub-Episode 5

Alex’s predications for 2023…oooh, these are good ones!
Alex’s predications were very much centred around connection…us reconnecting in person at retreats and events. We also talk about the danger of comparing yourself to others and even decide at min 7.25 to make up a new word…see if you can spot it!

Alex’s 3 predications are:

In person events (retreats)
Books! People taking the knowledge and content they have created during lockdown and collating and curating their own content into a written document to share with others
A more holistic approach to work and life

Sub-Episode 6

Coaching Vs Mentoring – this conversation was born from a recent discussion online about what is a coach, and can anyone call themselves a coach? Do you need qualifications? Do you need experience?
We talk in depth about consulting, coaching, and mentoring – the difference, the parameters of each and Alex shares her thoughts on the dangers of calling yourself a business coach when you might actually be very niche on one area.
As an EMCC accredited coach and mentor, I also give my thoughts on this one and help clear up the differences between coaching and mentoring…a really informative episode where we clear up a few myths!

Sub-Episode 7

This round-up episode takes us on a journey through Alex’s proudest moments and her top tips that she would pass onto everyone listening…

Alex’s 2 standout learning points to pass on were:

Networking – create a circle of those around you who you trust. When Alex was thinking of opening her business, she joined a network that welcomed her with open arms…and since, she has been supported and valued, and has even won a peer nominated award from the network. Having a supportive network created a supportive foundation for her to create her own business.

Your business can fit around you – there is always a way to make it accessible for you. Whatever is going on in your life, release the pressure of having a ‘hustle culture’ business where you are working every hour, and focus on building something that makes you happy and fits around you.

My favourite quote from Alex from this episode:
‘I did it my way…and no-one was surprised!’

We often inspire others when we don’t even know we are doing it…that is why I am so proud of these conversations I have on The Wild Clarity Podcast – if these conversations have inspired you and you have a story of wild clarity moments that you think could inspire others, then please do get in touch!

Links to find Alex:

Website: Business Freedom Method – By Alex




Book recommendations from sub-episode 3:

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