The Certified Change Manager™ Program

Master The Art Of Leading In A Rapidly Changing World

A course for busy professionals, who want to excel in leading through change, and implement as they learn

(without spending a week in a classroom, cramming in theory, and then taking a recall exam!)

Do you ever start a course and then feel like you are on a conveyor belt?

That you pay your money and then you are dropped into a process designed to get you through the training as quickly as possible, throwing tonnes of theory at you and then dropping you out the other side...

...where you find yourself with a shiny new certificate...but no idea how to apply the knowledge?

Well THIS, is not THAT!

A HUGE congratulations...because you've just stepped into a whole new, far more effective (and fun!) way to learn how to lead through change and become a Certified Change Manager™!

Hi, I’m Zoe…

and this isn’t my first Change Rodeo!

After spending more than 15 years in HR, managing change, I've learnt a few things about what works and what doesn't when it comes to building and leading effective change journeys.

I've worked on change initiatives across both public and private sector, internally and as an external consultant, and across the UK and globally.

As a trainer, and instructor in change management and leadership, and having taken over 120 people through change management training, I discovered that there were major gaps in how we are teaching change management skills to managers and leaders of change...which is why I created the Certified Change Manager™ Program.

This is the only course that combines knowledge, practical application, and continued support, not only as you learn, but also support as you delve into your new role leading change!

This program is the best way to become a Certified Change Manager™ who knows how to implement real change in their organisations in 2024 and beyond.

Why is this Program so different to other Change Management training?

This Program was specifically designed to fill gaps left by other training courses.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve taken them, and I’ve taught them.

I’m also a practicing change manager and have worked in senior leadership positions, so have first-hand experience of where those training gaps really impact how equipped you are to land and excel in a change management role.

- Some change courses only cover theory, leaving you wondering how to practically apply the knowledge.

- Some change courses teach practical application and give a step-by-step guide on how to apply THEIR framework. But of course, we already know that one-size does not fit all when it comes to change!

- Most other change courses have an exam as the assessment required to gain that shiny certificate…but that exam is simply your ability to recall models…which isn’t going to help you in your role.

- More often than not, those who take one of these courses (usually the theory based first), realise something is missing, then find themselves signing up for another, that teaches the practical application that was missing from the first one. This takes more of your time (each course is usually a week long), more of your money (these courses range from £1800 - £3500 each), and still, you come out with the ability to recall theory and apply 1 change management framework, hoping that your new role requires that approach.  

Well let's do better shall we?!

Welcome to the Certified Change Manager™ Program

Created with YOUR NEEDS at the very heart of the training...

  • A CPD ACCREDITED COURSE, structured so that you learn everything you need to excel, including how to


  • A Program with NO EXAM, but instead reflective questions designed to help you develop your own style,

    and understand how you will apply the knowledge you've learnt to your own unique situation

  • A Program in which you join a private online COMMUNITY of people, all on the same journey, including

    practicing change managers who share their stories, experiences, and top tips!

  • GROUP COACHING, to support you through the training and your Change Manager journey,

    including guest experts sharing their experience and answering questions

Most Importantly...

A Program born from experience and real life application, created by a qualified change management trainer with

over 15 years of change experience, and a breadth of experience across the people space...

...which means that you not only get the change experience but also knowledge pulled from disciplines including

psychology, leadership and you additional skills so you can really thrive and make impact in this


This is THE ONLY change management Program you will need to take.

“Zoe's program is disruptive and innovative. I love the way she has put together the content and made all the connections within it. Besides making learning enjoyable, I find the content and structure extremely useful, particularly at this moment when I require the insights to apply to a client undergoing an M&A transformation. I am really enjoying Zoe's program a lot because it is unique and definitely worth doing.”

Laura - People and Change Consultant

Program Overview

Leading through change is about putting people first. It's about understanding the stakeholder and finding the smoothest way to help them transition through change.

Effective change management is CRITICAL for business success and the demand for people who have the skills to lead through change is growing, meaning that those with the Certified Change Manager™ accreditation will always be in demand, and you will be able to make an impact and create real value in the work that you do for organisations and their people.

There are certain issues that ALL leaders and managers face when it comes to change:


Lack of Buy In

Documenting the Journey in a way that inspires

Change Vs Business As Usual (BAU) integration

Creating lasting behavioural change

Understanding, communicating and measuring the benefits of the change

This Program is designed to help you overcome all of those issues and more, giving you the theory and knowledge you need to 'talk the talk' and the tools, techniques, and support to also practically apply knowledge and 'walk the walk'!

Knowledge And

CPD Certification

Practical Application

3 Months Support

  • CPD certified course

  • 8 modules

  • Pre-recorded bite sized content

  • No exam - we test through your ability to APPLY the knowledge, not recall it!

  • Templates

  • Additional skills modules

    • facilitating workshops

    • influencing for buy in

    • stakeholder mindset

    • giving effective feedback

    • having coaching conversations

  • Recorded case studies from change managers - audio and transcript

  • 3 months of group coaching

    • monthly calls

    • private community group

  • Guest expert sessions - live and recorded

You will walk away from this Program...

  • With a CPD accredited Change Manager certification and with all the knowledge you need to be a highly effective leader through change who thrives in their role

  • Something that not many others have - the ability and skills to APPLY the knowledge in different situations

  • A supportive community and knowledge behind you every step of the way as you start on your leading through change pathway

  • Opportunities to keep learning - from guest speakers, case studies and interactions within the group...the list goes on!

  • And most importantly - the CONFIDENCE to excel in helping organisations transition through change, gaining a reputation for excellence, and giving you the opportunity to be highly paid for what you do!

The Certified Change Manager Program

There is nothing like this program out there in the market right now.

No course or program that gives you this amount of support alongside the ability to practically apply what you are learning.

This program is the best way to become a Certified Change Manager™ who knows how to implement real change in their organisations in 2024 and beyond.

£2500 - payment in full

Payment plans available - £920/month (3 months)

Let's compare prices against these other change management courses I've been mentioning...

The 'theory' course online - £2160 (incl. VAT)

The 'step-by-step' course online - £3200 (incl. VAT)

Most people need to do both - £5360 (incl. VAT)


The Certified Change Manager™


Knowledge, Practical Application, Extended Support

£2500 (no VAT)

Saving you £2860

Before I sign up to a course, I usually like to know where the course fits in with my longer term career aspirations and plans - if this is also you, then let's jump on a call together and chat!

“I have just completed the Certified Change Manager™ Course and cannot recommend it highly enough.

It's an excellent return on investment, especially for anyone in the People/HR space who want to keep on learning.

The way the course is taught demystifies a lot of the jargon and cuts through the traditional terminology that at times can be a turn off. This means that the important bits are distilled in a much more efficient and ultimately engaging way.

The training effectively imparts not only a wealth of information, useful resources, templates and tools but also an opportunity to discuss real life scenarios in a supportive and practical way."

Francesca - HR Generalist

What CPD certification means for you

As accredited CPD training, it means that this course and its contents has been evaluated and benchmarked to the highest industry standards.

Recognised globally by millions of professionals, it is a certification that stands you out as having a high level of expertise in your field, with the ability to practically apply your skills.

A CPD certification on your CV, not only shows recruiters that you are qualified, but that you embrace continuous professional development.

This leads to a higher level of trust and a far higher chance of being picked above others who do not hold the Change Manager certification.

"No rigid timelines and no exam requirement - part of the draw to the Program for me!

It is done at my pace to fit in with everything else I have going on. Zoe uses plenty of workable and relatable examples so seeing her face in the corner of the lessons, make sit much more personable. The weekly calls and guest speakers have also been really insightful. again, not compulsory but useful to catch up with others working their way through too!

A great course with plenty to offer!”

Kirsty - People Consultant


What if I can't join the group coaching calls?

We all have busy lives, and sometimes you just can't fit everything in! All group coaching calls are recorded and any questions you have asked on the Q&A thread the day before, are answered - even if you aren't there!

Do I have to have a certification to work as a Change Manager?

No you don't...but here's the thing...for each job out there, there are a large number of applications. Having the certification helps you CV rise to the top of that also means that when you do get that job, you will have the knowledge, ability to practically apply, AND the group support to hit the ground running and thrive in the role!

P.S. Don't just take my word for it - this information came straight from the recruitment company 'Indeed'!

How much time do I need to study each week?

The Program is 3 months long and you have full access for that time. YOU choose how and when to learn the material - you can watch the sessions back to back, or pick up the 30 minutes trainings, as and when suits you.

Most people on the Program find that putting aside 2 hours a week for learning is plenty - remember, this Program is designed to fit into your busy professional life!

Do I need any prior knowledge or qualifications to take this Program?

The short answer is no! Most people are drawn to this type of role because they want to help people and organisations transitioning through change, so yes, a level of empathy, and wanting to work with people is usually a prerequisite, which if you are looking at this Program, you most likely already have!

But you don't need a degree, or any formal qualifications to take this Program.

What is the group coaching support?

The group coaching support is based on the concept that we learn best when learning from different perspectives, backgrounds and levels of knowledge, and so the Program has it's own private community group, where you can ask questions 24/7, connect with others on the Program, and share your experiences. There are also group calls where you can submit questions beforehand and Zoe will answer them on the 2-way call with you, offering her insights and additional resources if required.

Within the group coaching support, you will also have access to recorded change manager case studies and guest speakers - live and recorded.

I'm nervous to make this investment in myself - can we talk first?

Yes! I can tell you that this is the best Change Manager Program out there, but it has to be right for you! If you would like to jump on a call to discuss where it fits in with your career, then use the link below and let's chat.

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