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In today’s episode, I just laughed…a lot…with one of the sweetest, boldest, beautiful human beings. Jordine-Rae Devereau – an absolute whirlwind with an infectious laugh and a real ability to make you feel that you could talk about anything, all judgements reserved. Jordine has a career that spans 2 very different areas – a full time career in the RAF as an Air Operations Officer, and a part-time/weekend/whenever-she-can role as both a model and a photographer.

So much came from this conversation, from talking about the freedom and control she experiences from each side of her work life to using someone’s judgement, assumptions and words to light the fire – we cover a lot in this interview…so to help you navigate, I’ve given you some references below…

When asked what it feels like to pick up a camera and shoot…

[5:15] ‘a sense of freedom. You go into another world but just with yourself – time to yourself to enjoy what you are doing’

We talk a lot about learning from people and experiences, but what really struck me was Jordine’s use of the phrase ‘intentional learning’ [07:30] she references it as learning from other people and talks about the freedom it offers you, and then goes onto say ‘friendships and communities outside of work – the opportunities [to learn] are endless when you open your mindset and look outside of your bubble’ and I just loved it.

[16:15] Instead of saying ‘ I can’t do this’, or ‘I shouldn’t do this’ – I went and did it anyway.

At minute 22:00 of the interview, I ask Jordine about her biggest hurdles so far and she opens up about something she’s never publicly talked about before…and gives us a masterclass in why leaders need to be very conscious of the lasting effects their language can have on others.

One thing that Jordine said a few times, is that she loves photography because she gets to hold the space for people to ‘be’ [29:45] ‘I see the benefit of just letting people be themselves’ and for me, this really summed up Jordine’s essence, her ‘way’ and how she makes others feel so comfortable in her presence.

Not surprisingly, her passed on pearls of wisdom also reflect this:

  1. Always keep an open mind – you and your beliefs can change – always adapt and evolve.
  2. Be bold about who you are, and be true to yourself

And finally, something that stuck with me because when I look back, I often think the same….

[40:50] ‘You’re never stuck. When I look back at how I felt, I don’t recognise that person anymore’

Jordine has this way of just making you want to talk to her for hours…I’m very grateful for her being in my life and allowing me to put some of her thoughts into this podcast episode! The episode is vulnerable and honest, and Jordine was an absolute joy to interview…

I hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did!

If, like me, you need more of this wonderful human being, this is where you can find her:

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