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Having known Kerry for over 20 years, this was one of those interviews that I’ve been counting down the days to its release! It was an absolute joy to have Kerry on The Wild Clarity Podcast – I really hope you all enjoy.

Kerry started drawing in her younger years and carried on all the way through 6th form, until she ‘bottled it’ (her words!) and left it all behind to instead study psychology and criminology at university, where we met!

In this interview she talks us through early feelings of thinking she wasn’t good enough to pursue a career in the area she loved, of being intimidated by the work she saw others creating and thinking that she would never be able to meet those standards, to then deciding to go back and study illustration, but not being able to, whilst juggling a job, a family, and finding the funds for a second degree.

Kerry didn’t pick up a pencil again until she was 28 – and that’s where she had her first wild clarity moment. She spent her 20s feeling restless and changing jobs every couple of years – not feeling quite like she was where she meant to be. Some time out gave her the space to breathe and think – and that was it, the decision was made to pick up that pencil again and get drawing!

Kerry takes us through her journey of following her dream whilst juggling a day job, being a full-time mum, and covid of course. She now illustrates for Scribbler and Thortful under the name ‘Card and Cake’ and even bought her wedding dress from the royalties – see photo!

Like many of us, Kerry had her profound wild clarity moments later in life and she talks about age bringing confidence and the courage to move forward and trust her gut while taking that wild clarity leap. Kerry also talks about taking baby steps towards your dream, of taking those small, incremental steps that get you to where you want to go, but at a sustainable pace, and where you can keep checking in to make sure the direction is still feeling true to you. I think in this day and age, where a lot of people look for instant gratification, this is such a powerful message.

Kerry’s top tips are:
– Go back to what you loved – something you enjoy, that is purely for you – try and see where it takes you!
– Try and build additional income streams to give you security
– Take baby steps – no need to rush – take your time to think through what will make you happy

I LOVED speaking with Kerry and cannot wait for the next time I see her to give her a HUGE hug…there’s something really special about speaking with someone who you’ve known for so long but hearing their story in a completely different way – hearing more, connecting more, and getting more of a glimpse behind the curtain.

All of Kerry’s links are below and I’ve added a photo of her and Carrie both looking stunning on their wedding day last year – I really hope you enjoy listening to this one, it’s very special to me x

To see Kerry develop her wedding table plan idea into a business:

To see Kerry’s cards:

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