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Samantha Wood on living through heartbreaking Wild Clarity moments, finding your purpose and passion, and adopting a growth mindset and finding your passion to drive you forward.

Wow, what an incredible first guest to have on The Wild Clarity Podcast!

Sam and I met whilst following each other on LinkedIn – you know when you start to gravitate to people who do similar work to you? I started to watch Sam and how she worked, and then reached out to say hello…finding myself a guest podcast spot on Sam’s podcast ‘Coffee and Comebacks’ and a friend who I feel I’ve known for years!

Sam’s story is raw. Her Wild Clarity moments come from heartbreak and loss, and from Trauma and Crisis (capitals on both) that rocked her entire world. She had to find the grit and determination to literally get out of bed in the mornings (that’s what a fractured spine, broken shoulder and ribs will do to you…) and figure out how to put one foot in front of the other and reinvent herself.

During this episode, we talk about it all – the high highs and the low lows, the roller-coaster that life can be, and how to find the purpose that keeps you moving forward. One of my favourite quotes from this episode is when Sam said, ‘we can create a reality in our minds that can hold us back’ and that actually, we are in charge of our reactions and how we use a growth mindset to learn from mistakes and failures and keep learning.

Sam’s top tips from this episode were:

  • Identify your purpose – she talks about investing the valuable items we have, such as time, instead of ‘spending’ them. Invest and expect an outcome, something that comes from that investment.
  • Ask for help – not only this, but always be willing to give without expectation.
  • Passion – if you don’t have passion for what you decide to do, you’ll never generate form it…’you get what you give’

I loved recording this first episode. I’m going to admit that it was twice as long as you see it now…but I’m keeping some of our conversation about leadership and coaching for a little bit later 😉 For now, I hope you enjoy this first episode and please do remember to hit subscribe to hear when the next episode drops!

Some links from topics we spoke about area below, and I have added ways to get in touch with Sam:

Book recommendation:

  • Give and Take by Adam Grant


Links to Sam:

Samantha Wood (soon to be Wood Mitchell)

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