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The conclusion of this episode is…we all need a Suzie in our lives!

As a follow up to my first interview with Sam, today I speak with Suzie Stanier who talks us through her own wild clarity moments which led to her opening her own business.

Suzie Stainer, founder of Suzie Stanier Business Solutions, is an online business manager with a skill for helping you diminish overwhelm by creating systems, order and organisation in your business, so that you can achieve more in your day and focus on what’s important. She is an absolute organising ninja and it was brilliant to be able to dive into her brain in this episode!

This short interview certainly packed a punch – we discuss the importance of asking for help when you need it (usually earlier than you think!), not selling yourself short, outsourcing early and communicating effectively with those you choose to work with. On top of it all, we talked about the fact that life should always come first, and through her life story so far, Suzie talks to us about the twists and turns, the wild clarity moments, and the moves across the world…all while juggling her business and serving her clients, even when in different time zones! This may sound like a business episode, but so much of what Suzie says rings true for life too…I certainly learnt a lot from this episode.

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