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Looking to excel in your leadership role but not sure how to put all the pieces of leadership together?

That’s where the
Wild Clarity Club comes in!

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A membership which connects you to others in the same space, gives you guidance and training to help hone those essential leadership skills, and provides all the support you need to be confident as you absolutely rock this role!



Guest experts

Private communication channel

What’s included?


Developed by subject, the training courses take you through different aspects of being a leader. Training is broken into short, easy to digest modules, which you can take at your own pace. Most will be both audio and visual but some will include handy check lists and visual models that you can print off and keep on your desk to help you day to day.

You will also notice a section for articles – gone are the days where you search through all the publications for those new leadership trends or top tips – I will do all this for you and upload (and signpost!) all the articles that you may want to look over.

No more waiting for the company to provide the training you need – you are taking control of your own learning needs!

Guest experts:

Regular spots for guest experts who have lived the leadership role – they bring their expertise, their experience, their top tips…and yes, lots of stories for us to learn from!

These sessions will always be recorded and uploaded to the site, so you can watch or listen whenever works for you – this membership is all about fitting in with your needs and ways of absorbing information.



Private communication channel:

We use a private channel in discord – easy to set up, private and a safe space to ask questions and help each other out – you never know when someone else is working on the same thing you are! We also have a private FB group which you will be invited to when you sign up. I’m very active in both channels and will always jump in with my thoughts and ideas!


Held on zoom, every 2 weeks. These are the calls where you can bring ANTHING that’s on your mind. These sessions are your chance to talk through any leadership issues you are having with me and the group, share wins, ask advice, ask for opinions, talk through ANYTHING that helps you excel in your role and gives you peace of mind doing so.

The topics that come up in this type of call is always varied but may include, how do I have that hard conversation? How do I organise an event to ensure inclusion for all? How do I juggle the millions of tasks I have?!

Leadership positions can be lonely – but this membership offers you the safe space to ask questions, the guidance to learn the essential leadership skills and the support to be confident in the way you lead.

Want an email when we open?

Drop your name and email below and I will let you know as soon as we go live!