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Change is easy...said no one ever.

But does it have to be so hard?

How can we make the transition easier?

By creating a change agile organisation.

At Glass Ripple Consulting, this is exactly what we do...

At Glass Ripple Consulting, we focus on the concept of change as an organisational muscle.

Something that you can work on, building and strengthening the organisation's change agility and capability.

Making that muscle stronger and ready to move quickly when the market changes.

Accelerating the business success rates and keeping that competitive advantage.

Increasing your success rate through change.

How do we do this?

By ensuring that all levels of your organisation are able to proactively spot changes on the horizon, recognise the opportunities that change brings, embrace the change, and actively support their teams through the changes.

By using our unique Analyse. Create. Embed. Change Management Framework™ to train your leaders, your managers, and your teams, and equip them with the skills and tools they need to effectively lead through change.

Your organisation is one of a kind, because it's made up of individuals, who are all different and amazing in their own right...so let's treat them this way, use those strengths they have and really understand how to help them transition through organisational change.

All of our change management training starts with Analyse.

People before process - it's the most important thing we do to ensure that change embeds into the organisation.

All of our courses teach how to analyse your environment, your people, your organisational structure and alignment to the change, and to then leverage this analysis in creating a change pathway that works for your organisation.

And this is where we are different...

Unlike other change management training bodies...

We don't only focus on the theory - because what's the point of taking a week long course, learning by rote over 40 models and then having to recall it in an exam...only to realise a week later that you don't know how to APPLY that theory in your organisation?

We don't only focus on our own methodology and give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it OUR way...because in change management one-size DOES NOT fit all! And why should it? We are dealing with individuals...who are all different.

We don't provide only one course and expect it to fit all levels of the organisation...because every level of the organisation has different roles when it comes to leading through change. So our training is designed to address what is needed at different levels and grades...with all of the training working in harmony so you know exactly what is expected at each level, creating less overlap, and more efficiency.

We are revolutionising the way we teach change management.

We teach it ALL.

Knowledge, theory and models, to give you a solid understanding of change and how it affects individuals and organisations. We teach you how to analyse the environment, the culture, the organisational structure and the people.

We then build your training around learning different approaches to change management - not just one methodology...because a single method and step-by-step approach won't cut it when dealing with individuals - and let's face it, your individuals are brilliant, and you've recruited them to be diverse and to think for themselves, so they won't all require the same approach to change.

Our training courses will set you up to succeed, at all levels of the organisation, and through all different change initiatives.

Change programs often fail...why?

        39% of change programs failing is down to
employee resistance, and if we break that down further into why they are resistance to change, it’s partly because 44% of them don’t understand it.

So let's help them understand it. And let's involve them in it, at every stage. Training and awareness at all levels of the business, and an opportunity to get involved and shape the decisions being made.

‘Over the years I have worked with Zoe on and off. I can hand on heart tell you she is just fantastic. The reason she is fantastic is that she understands, she has natural empathy, utterly professional in every area of her life. She is a brilliant trainer with years of experience, why would you go anywhere else. Just fabulous.’

Claire Moody

Founder of Target Training and Owner of Mindshift. Professional coach, supervisor and trainer.

Here are a few of the organisational benefits of training your workforce in dealing with change...

Increased Employee Engagement

Reduced Resistance

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Improved Organisational Effectiveness

Long-term sustainability and culture alignment

Increased Innovation

‘Zoe ran a great course on Change Management. The 3 days were interactive and packed full of practical examples. Zoe is one of those rare trainers that brings depth of theoretical and practical knowledge that is delivered in a engaging and fun style. Would recommend 😊’

Michael Nattrass

Business Cases | Major Projects | Delivery Models | UCL PhD

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance"

- Alan Watts

Hi, I'm Zoe...and this isn't my first change rodeo!

After spending more than 15 years managing change, I've learnt a few things about what works and what doesn't when it comes to creating effective change journeys.

I've worked on change initiatives across both public and private sector, internally and as an external consultant, and across the UK and globally.

As a trainer, and instructor in change management and leadership, I discovered that there were major gaps in how we are teaching change management skills to managers and leaders of change...which is why I created Glass Ripple Consulting.

A company created to fill these gaps, and 'change' the way we teach people about change.

A quarterly change management newsletter, specifically created for organisations, to provide you tools for leading through change and to keep you informed of the training and support the we can offer.

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