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"Never regret a day in your life. Good days give happiness. Bad days give experience. Worst days give lessons. Best days give memories"

Welcome to The Wild Clarity Podcast

Change is everywhere…organisational change, personal
change…it’s a constant in our lives.

The Wild Clarity Podcast was born through personal change – and
a curiosity to see the ‘other’ side of how change affects us on a personal level.

It was created from a desire to share, connect, and be inspired by others’ life journeys – to see things from different perspectives and expand our thinking to new ways of living our lives, to know that even though personal change is hard, we have a choice in finding ways of living that feel authentic to each of us.

I am so happy to have you on this journey with me as I interview some incredible guests and get to learn from the pathways they have taken so far through life.

The guests I have interviewed have all had ‘Wild Clarity’ moments – something that has nudged them in a different direction, and they’ve courageously taken that leap to explore that new pathway.

We will hear about their journey, reactions from others, blockers they faced and ultimately, the effect the change has had on their lives…they will also share their proudest moment from this journey so far and top tips for anyone inspired to go out and find their own wild clarity moment.

On the website blog page, you can find notes from each episode and links to any resources we talk about during the show so be sure to visit!

Listen to the Wild Clarity Podcast!

Episode 00 - The new adventure begins!

Episode 01

Samantha Wood on living through heart-breaking wild clarity moments and finding your purpose and passion.

Episode 02

Suzie Stanier, sharing her knowledge on how to diminish overwhelm in both life and business!

Episode 03

Jordine-Rae on balancing 2 career, opening your mindset and being true to who you are.

Episode 04

Alex Coward on...well, many different topics!

Wild Clarity Wisdom

How teams develop and how you as a leader can support them.

Ep 05

Kerry Wint on realising that it's always worth revisiting the hobby that makes you happy!

Ep 06

Salvija Reiciune on surviving abuse and how she now helps others to do the same

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