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"When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute."

-Simon Sinek

If we were to ask you what the biggest asset was in your business, you may tell us that it’s your people and your culture…and you’d be right – they are the very foundations of your business.

At Glass Ripple Consulting, we focus on people before process, because if your people are change ready, then so is your business.

What happens if we don't invest in our workforce and involve them in change?

  • High levels of resistance to change - because they don't understand how the decisions have been made, and haven't been involved, or even asked their opinion

  • Disenfranchised employees - low morale, low motivation, no discretionary effort, leading to reduced productivity and reduced performance

  • Increase stress and anxiety- change brings uncertainty, especially when you don't understand it, and where you fit in the future state - workplace stress accounts for 8% of national health care spending, and currently,73% of employees effected by change, suffer from higher stress levels

  • Increased feelings of job insecurity, leading to presenteeism, leading to burnout, leading to reduced

    productivity and higher turnover of staff

  • Increased errors, leading to a decline in company performance, leading to reputational damage and reduced sales

  • High staff turnover - feelings of not be supported or developed. Feeling that they are working in quicksand - an unstable work environment where they don't understand the changes or how they can be involved

But wait...there's more...

  • Missed opportunity for innovation -if your employees are busy being resistant to the changes, then that is time and brain power that could be better utilised thinking of solutions and new ways of working, leading to innovation and a competitive edge over the market

  • Ineffective change implementation - without a workforce trained in change management, then as a

    company, you may struggle to embed long term change...and in fact, it's part of the reason that such a high % of companies fail to embed change into business as usual

  • Increased costs - staff turnover, losing talent, decreased productivity - all leads to increased costs that quite often cannot be planned for

  • Inefficient use of resources- our people are our biggest asset, and also our best utilised resource - train them to manage change from within

  • Negative organisational culture - if we are not preparing our workforce for change, then are really using

    them as our biggest asset?

  • And finally...if it hasn't been mentioned enough...a loss of productivity, leading to a decline in the companies

    market share, reputation, and ability to compete in the market

Now we get it...that was a lot! BUT it's so important that we realise the problems that can arise when we DON'T prepare our workforce for change....

One of the biggest reasons that change can fail, is because
your people haven’t been involved in the process. They aren’t aware of the
change process, the decisions that have been made, the benefits that change
will bring. Their voices haven’t been heard, and the change has been ‘done to’

So let’s change that approach. Let’s make them an integral
part to the change. Let’s give them the knowledge and awareness of the ‘why’,
the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Let’s elevate your success rate through change
initiatives, enable you to move quicker, and keep you ahead of your

Let’s create a change ready organisation.

Welcome to our Analyse. Create. Embed. (A.C.E.) Change Management Framework™

Used as a cornerstone for all our change management training and consulting, this framework provides the key components for everything you need to become change ready as an organisation.


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